The Situation Room

Have you ever had a prayer request you dared not even voice? Have you been afraid of what would happen if you did? Do you tend to hide your secret pain, anxiety, or depression behind a smile? Is there an emergency situation in your life that needs immediate prayer support? In our rapidly changing world, support is often needed for our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Who We Are

The Situation Room is a prayer ministry for urgent, confidential prayer requests. It is based on the fundamental belief that God hears and answers prayer. This ministry is available for anyone inside or outside of Sunnyvale FBC.

A team of people are prepared to pray for any request, at any hour, through a private prayer network. Your requests will never be made public and will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Submit Requests

 You may choose to remain anonymous, or, at your request, a minister can contact you. The prayer team are not counselors, but pray-ers, and you will not be contacted by those praying over you. You are cared for and your requests are seen as very important by Sunnyvale FBC.

You can submit prayer requests to the Situation Room at [email protected].