Single Moms of Sunnyvale

Single Moms of Sunnyvale (SMoS) is a ministry established to empower single moms and their children emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially  when facing instability in life.

The main goals of helping single moms and their children thrive in Sunnyvale are found in:

  • Financial assistance for immediate needs
  • Financial assistance with educational or entrepreneurial development
  • Financial assistance in access to nutritious foods for the family

Find out more about the application process for the Single Moms of Sunnyvale Ministry below!

Financial Assistance for Immediate Needs

Assistance with portions of monthly expenses such as medical bills, rent, utilities, insurance, etc. – all of which is paid directly to the creditor/merchant/vendor.

Financial Assistance for Long Term Life Enhancement

Assistance in expenses with educational demands to assist single moms with securing jobs where they can support themselves and their kid(s).

Financial Assistance with Nutritious Foods

Through partnership with North Texas Food Bank – monthly Food Distributions are scheduled at SFBC on the last Monday of each month. Call and reserve your spot today!

SMoS Application Process

Complete the Single Moms of Sunnyvale Online Application form below OR download and return complete Single Moms of Sunnyvale Application form to Sharon with a printed copy of your current bill/estimate/invoice/rental agreement, etc. – including contact information, current driver’s license, and social security numbers for each family member.

SMoS Application Download

How Can We Help?

For more information regarding the Single Moms of Sunnyvale Ministry, you may call our Church Office at (972) 226-7105 and ask for Sharon at extension 126 (for automated system).

Sharon Royal:
SMoS Application Download: CLICK HERE
SMoS Brochure Download: CLICK HERE